What started as a hobby of testing my professional knowledge as a chemist, slowly developed into something bigger. I now came up with a few lines of soaps and beauty creams. I have years of experience as a formulation chemist and even more years as a user of beauty products. My products are designed for everybody – special occasions, women, men, kids and for day-to-day use.

My creations are a result of my efforts to address some flaws of similar products, efforts to make something natural, bright and wonderful. I did not invent soap and cream making; I just perfected it with my soul, skills and desires. I follow up on all current trends in health and beauty, read numerous scientific magazines and always look to improve my formulations. Since the early age, I was interested in beauty and beauty products as any woman who desires to have smooth and appealing skin. As a result, I started experimenting with natural ingredients which go into all my soaps and creams.

I use only natural components, as I would never use something in my compositions which is not good for myself. My family and friends were my first guinea pigs of these products and they are the one who inspired me to open a store. My natural creativity allows me to come up with perfect looking compositions, with the ingredients that improve your look, skin and even your mood.

Sometimes, my soaps are so pristine that it is hard to believe that so few natural components can produce such a unique product. You will never force your kids to wash their hands; They will ask you: Mommy/daddy, can I wash my hands again? These are great gifts if you go somewhere and do not want to show up empty handed. Try it, and I am sure that you will come back. Enjoy!