Candy Sugar Scrub


Sweet candy smell is amazing and the scrub leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

This emulsified sugar scrub is made with super-fine sugar and luxurious Shea butter.

Rich, creamy and infused with sugar granules, the sugar scrub gently exfoliates your skin, leaving it velvety smooth to the touch.

You won’t believe how good it feels!

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Sucrose, Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, apricot kernel oil, Green Tea extract, Glycerin, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitol, Sorbitan oleate, Oat Protein, Disodium Lauryl  sulfosuccinate ,Tetrasodium Etidronate, Salt, Phenoxyethanol, essential oil, mica.

The Citrus sugar scrubs contain no fillers and are free of parabens, nitro musk, phthalate and formaldehyde.

Handmade in USA.

The estimated delivery time will be approximately 3-5 business days from the time of order.